Betting School: Become a Pro Punter

There’s a bunch of different things you need to consider to be successful at betting. Regardless of your previous experience as a betting punter, for everyone the main goal is the same: winning money.

We’ve developed a range of betting guides that have been written to suit 3 different levels of punter: beginner, experienced & pro.

So that you can have a better chance of achieving your betting goals and generating long-term profitability, we’ve created this Betting School. It’s purpose is to teach you about the essential elements of better betting.

We wanted to make sure that players of all levels have something to read and learn here at the Betting School, so we’ve developed a range of betting guides that have been written to suit three different levels of punter: beginner, experienced & pro.

All of the pages in this guide have been written by our expert team who together have many years of experience in the industry.

We hope that with the help of our guides you can go on to make better decisions when betting. They begin with some of the fundamentals and move onwards and upwards to some advanced models used by the most expert players.

Beginner Punters

Our beginner's guide is primarily aimed at those who are interested in starting to bet but who haven’t yet learned the basics. In this guide, we run through the 10 most important elements of betting that we think you should know about.

1.Why do I play using odds?
2.What are odds?
3.Betting on different sports
4.Betting on the winner
5.Betting on other things than the winner
6.What are good odds?
7.10 tips for turning a profit
8.Choosing the right betting site
9.How do welcome bonuses work?
10.Getting better at betting
11.Key betting terms

Experienced Punters

Once you feel more comfortable with the basics of betting, we recommend that you read one our intermediate level guides for more experienced punters. In these guides, we focus on how a betting beginner takes their gambling up to the next level. Learn how to use statistics in betting or how ROI works, among others.

1.What is Bankroll Management?
2.Asian Handicap - What is it & how does it work?
3.The Unit System
4.How do Betting Exchanges work?
5.Using ROI (Return on Investment)
6.Betting Using Statistics
8.Live Betting
9.Cash Out
10.Sure Bets

Pro Punters

Are you someone who likes to bet a lot? Do you want to take your betting skills to the very highest level? Then take a read of our pro level betting guides.

In the pro punter guides you can learn about different strategies and systems that can make you into a professional-level punter. In our pro guides we also teach you about the importance of beating the closing odds and about how to build your own betting model.

1.How to use The Kelly Criterion System
2.How to use The Labouchere System
3.How to use The Martingale System
4.Betting sites for expert punters
5.How to build your own betting model
6.The importance of getting closing odds