Choosing the right betting site

If you’re going to give yourself the best possible chance of winning it’s important to choose a betting site that caters to your needs

8 Choosing The Right Betting Site

Choose the Right Betting Site

Deciding on which betting site you’re going to create an account with isn’t the easiest thing to do. The range of different betting sites is huge and it’s difficult to know which betting site is the right one to choose. If you’re going to be happy with your choice, here at BetBlazers we recommend that you carefully consider which betting site you really want to join before you decide to create an account.

If you want to get as much as possible out of a betting site it’s important that you choose the site that caters most to your needs. The common things that punters usually look for when they’re choosing a betting site are:

  1. Betting site with the best sports book (the widest range of odds available)
  2. Betting site that offers the best odds
  3. Betting site with the best bonuses, promos and campaigns
  4. Betting site that is mobile friendly
  5. Betting site that has a good reputation
  6. Overall range - apps, live streaming and much more

Betting sites with the best sportsbook

When you want to create a new account on a betting site it’s important that you know what products that site has to offer. The majority of betting sites offer a similar range of products, but it can differ. Therefore it’s good to make sure what options are available and adjust your choice accordingly. Many betting sites choose to assume a niche in the market by focusing on certain types of sports or leagues.

Betting sites that offer the best odds

When you bet you have to constantly strive to find the best odds as possible for your bet. It’s for this very reason that new customers should try to find out which betting site is offering the highest odds in the market that you are interested in betting on. One tip we make at BetBlazers is to use one of the many odds portals that are out there specifically to compare odds. If you do this it’s easy to find out which betting sites offer the best odds for any specific bet you’re thinking of making. It’s likely that you’ll have to create an account with more than one betting site, but it can be worth its weight in gold. Don’t forget, creating an account with a betting site is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a fresh welcome bonus.

Betting sites that offer the most and best bonuses

As we’ve mentioned, the majority of betting sites offer different types of welcome bonuses when new customers create an account. Once you’ve become a customer, betting sites will continue to offer different types of bonuses and promotions. If bonuses and promos are something that gives an added appeal, you should pay extra attention to those betting sites that you notice offering them more regularly. Make sure that whenever you take part in a bonus or a promo you always read the terms and conditions that are attached to it. The majority of bonuses and promos have certain restrictions or requirements that you need to fulfil before you can claim any winnings. These terms and conditions are often in the fine print when the offer is first given out.

An example of bonus or promo requirements:

  • Wagering requirement - When you use a bonus you often need to wager or turn over your bonus a number of times before you can claim your winnings
  • Minimum odds - Find out what the lowest acceptable odds are that you need to bet against

Create an account with a betting site that is mobile friendly

Betting on matches and tournaments from your smartphone has become the norm in recent years, and nowadays most betting sites are mobile friendly. Betting sites have been quick to appreciate these changes and have developed apps with this in mind, or at the very least have adapted their webpages to be optimised for viewing on your mobile.

Create an account with a trustworthy betting site

If you’re new to betting and you don’t have the best overview or understanding of the different betting sites out there, at we recommend that you choose a familiar UK betting site. You’ll be able to see from our sign up bonus lists which ones we think are the best. As a new punter it’s important to first learn the betting basics and the risks involved. A betting site that has a strong reputation for good customer service is a great advantage if you’re new to betting.

Other services - apps, live streaming and much more

The good thing about competition between betting sites is that they constantly have to work to win over new customers as well as to keep their existing ones. Four of the most important functions betting companies need to offer today are:

  • Live streaming - offering their customers the opportunity to watch matches live has proven to be an extremely beneficial move. Betting sites that offer live streaming have seen a real upsurge in new members.
  • Cash out - one of the newer functions that betting sites offer is cash out. This is where punters have the option to quit their bet before a match or tournament is over
  • Apps - One of the most important functions for a betting site is to offer their customers an app or a website that is optimised for viewing from your mobile. This is because nowadays the majority of punters choose to bet with their smartphones.
  • Statistics - Data showing statistics on a team or player have proven popular among the betting community. Many punters who choose to bet on a match choose to use this additional info to improve their betting. For example, previous meetings of teams or how their current form is.