10 tips for turning a profit

Follow our 10 top tips to increase your winnings

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10 Tips for Turning a Profit

1. Learn the basics

Before you place a bet with your own money you need to learn the basics of betting. What are odds? What betting site should you choose? How does a bonus work? Another important part of betting is to learn how betting companies set their odds.

2. Set up a plan

If your aim is to be a successful punter then it’s important that you have patience. Betting on  matches or competitions requires time, and putting in the effort in order to understand how to bet and what you’re betting on is something you need to be aware of.

3. Study up on the rules

Losing on things that you can have an influence over is obviously something you want to avoid, so make sure you read up on the sport you’re betting on. The first thing you need to do is read the rules for the sport and then what the betting companies own rules are. If you’re betting on a hockey match you need to find out about hockey rules, but also more specifically any additional factors relating to your bet. For example say you bet on a team to win the game but they only manage to do it in overtime - what happens then? You need to find out the specific rules relating to your bet.

4. Do your homework

Find out as much info as you can on the match you’re thinking of betting on. Read about the team’s current form, their injury situation and statistics relating to both teams before the match. Avoid losing a bet just because you didn’t know the basic information. For example, that one team had their best player missing through injury or suspension, or that the second team has been in unusually good form as of late.

5. Watch the game

If you’re knowledgeable about sport it’s possible to increase your chance of winning through live-betting. Being able to analyse a match in real time puts you in a great position of beating the odds by predicting what will happen as the game moves forward. It’s possible to watch how a match develops and then place a bet on who will score the next goal, or which team will have the most corners.

6. Organise and collect statistics

Creating your own betting spreadsheet has many advantages. The first and maybe most important reason is that it’ll give you an overview of how much you bet and how your betting is progressing. Using statistics is always a really good way to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. By studying your spreadsheet you’ll be able to see where you’ve been most successful, but also which type of bets or areas you should consider avoiding.

7. Don’t let loyalties get in the way

A common mistake that many punters make is to let their loyalties or feelings get in the way. Betting on your favourite team to win is always tempting, but it’s also easy to overestimate your team’s potential. It’ll hurt you even more if they lose.

8. Compare odds

Comparing odds is an easy way of maximising your potential winnings. It does require you to have an account with more than one betting site if you’re going to place a bet, but in the long run it’ll be to your advantage. What’s more it means you’ll be able to get a welcome bonus. To compare odds you’ll have to visit an odds portal or an oddschecker that shows all the odds from different companies for the match or competition you want to bet on. Look up the match and the type of bet you want to make and see which betting site is giving out the highest odds.

9. Listen to the experts

Even though you’ve got a good knowledge of a particular sport or league, it’s always good to find out what the experts have to say. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to get a hold of a wide range of information from experts that’ll compliment your knowledge even further.  Att BetBlazers we’ve carefully handpicked a team of experts that give you fresh betting tips every week.

10. Avoid betting for the sake of it

Betting is of course a great way to heighten the experience of a match or competition you’re watching, but watch out for betting just for the fun of it. Remember that you’re playing for real money - your money. If you want to bet on a match just to increase your enjoyment then do it with an amount you don’t mind losing.