Betting sites for expert punters

If you’re looking to take your betting career that one step further, you need to be diverting your attention the way of Asian betting companies. By allowing for bigger stakes to be wagered with the absence of limits, it’s the Asian market where the smartest bettors head. But before you take on the best the industry has to offer, you need to become an expert yourself.

Betting Sites For Expert Punters

Betting sites for the more advanced bettors

Successful and skilful bettors naturally looking to take the next step in their betting career will encounter difficulties preventing them from doing so. For instance, the majority of betting companies based within Europe will have general maximum betting limits in place in order to protect their profitability and limit liabilities.

However, if a bettor is deemed to be winning large sums on a frequent basis and costing the bookmaker too much money, these limits can be altered and reduced quite significantly to the point where the bettor is effectively forced to take his/her business elsewhere. Fortunately, there is one place where such activity doesn’t occur – Asia. Here, no such limitations exist, much to the delight of many high rollers.

Why Asian betting companies have no limits

With unprecedented amounts of money made from sports betting due to, in part, a population of almost 4.5 billion people for whom gambling is part of their culture, many Asian operators are able to operate on lower margins which automatically makes for more competitive odds and the chance to bet big if you so wish.

European betting companies

Sticking to what you know can play a huge part in a successful betting career. This is why you tend to see the vast majority of bettors keeping with familiar bookmakers they know will offer markets on local, more obscure sports or leagues, for instance.

In the case of UK players, there are many benefits to using bookmakers at home or within Europe:

  • Wide range of odds and markets within the main sports of interest
  • Many bonuses, promotions and games to be taken advantage of
  • Smooth and reliable payment methods
  • Adapted pages to fit the UK audience

Yet, while using the likes of bet365, Ladbrokes, Unibet and William Hill continues to be the common choice amongst the majority of, shall we say, casual bettors, for the more serious bettor who manages to win substantial amounts on a regular basis, these betting sites are no longer of much use.

Why? Well as soon as a bookmaker learns of a successful customer, limits are lowered almost straight away to prevent the player from making as much money in the future. Granted it’s not the most subtle way for bookies to handle such matters but this a regular occurrence that the more skilled bettors are faced with time and again.

If you’re good, you can’t win long-term, it’s as simple as that.

If you ever happen to find yourself in this situation, rather than waste time and energy trying to overturn a decision that will always be final, savour the fact you’re a successful player that has got the better of the bookie on more than one occasion. Better still, forget about the European market entirely and focus your efforts on building on your success in the Asian market instead.

Asian betting companies

It’s no secret that major players or betting professionals use Asian betting companies to overcome the restrictive measures put in place by betting firms within Europe; nowhere else in the world will you find bookmakers offering such better odds and with the notion of betting limits completely disregarded.

This is possible through a varying betting model which sees Asian companies alter odds based on the wagering amounts. They make their profit from volume of stakes placed, irrespective of the outcome of the bet. The more (substantial) wagers made, the more profit squeezed out. Thus, limiting the amount bettors can wager would only serve to lower the bookmaker’s profit.

Asian betting companies such as SBO, IBC, ISN and Pinnacle (licensed in Europe but centred on same model) will fall short of making their site easy to use and it’s likely you’ll find many unconventional in appearance compared to European sites renowned for ticking all the boxes. But what you have to offset this against is their primary goal of providing competitive odds and high limits.

The focus is on this and this only, hence why you will rarely come across Asian betting firms resorting to gimmicks such as competitions or promotions to attract new customers. They instead assume customers know what it is they’re after and place more importance in following through with what the customer actually wants (better odds) rather than dangle a carrot, as is the case with European companies offering customers bonuses and such like.

Leading the way

The influence Asian betting companies are having on the European betting market is there for all to see. Not only do many European betting companies set and change their odds based on the prices to first derive from Asia, consider the success of the Asian Handicap, for instance, which has risen to prominence since the turn of the new millennium and is now a permanent market for all the major companies in Europe.

Since odds is one, if not, the decisive factor for bettors, the introduction of the Asian Handicap provides the opportunity for odds of more value to be offered on games between favourites and underdogs, With the draw taken out of the equation, the ability of the AH to level the playing field regardless of the difference in ability, brings more competitive odds which wouldn’t usually be the case.

With the awareness of the many benefits offered by the Asian betting market only set to grow, it’s thought more and more punters frustrated with low value odds in a saturated and restricted European market, will venture into Asia to tackle the best the industry has to offer.

Sportmarket – The Perfect Solution for the betting professional

Sportmarket has emerged as the perfect solution for the advanced bettors looking to get a taste of the Asian betting market. The service enables users to view and compare the best available odds from established Asian companies on one page. What’s more, from one single account, your bet will be placed with the bookmaker that offers the best odds for no cost.

Odds updated in real time are often displayed quicker than they are on the actual site of the bookmaker, providing anyone using the service with a significant advantage early on. Perhaps most importantly, Sportmarket will guarantee high stakes and prevent the prospect of a player being restricted. 

The companies available on Sportmarket: 

  • Betfair
  • Pinnacle
  • Betdaq
  • GalaxyBet
  • IBC
  • ISN
  • SBO
  • Singbet
  • Matchbook