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Why should you care about claiming a bonus? Whether you’re into sports betting, looking for an online casino or online poker you should be taking advantage of the welcome bonuses that many betting companies offer to their new customers.

Why do we do it? We’ve been there, that’s why. With such a massive amount of bonuses on offer it can be difficult to know exactly which one to choose and how it works. Get the best for your sign up bonus or welcome offer offer by reading what our experts have to say.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bonuses

Find out everything you need to know about a wide range of betting bonuses and sign up offers. Compare the best bonuses and find the best bonuses for you!

🤔 What is a betting bonus?

Many betting sites and online casinos now offer betting bonuses, in particular to new customers. One of the most popular types of betting bonuses are deposit bonuses and free bets.

Click here to find out all the best bonuses up for grabs today!

⬇️ Can I claim a betting bonus today?

Yes! Click here to find out what we think are the best bonuses on offer today!

🌍 Are there betting bonuses available in my country?

Click through to find our detailed country guides with info on the best bonuses around the world.

Alternatively, some of the best betting sites with bonuses to claim today are the likes of Betway, Bet365, 22Bet and Betwinner. Click on anything of links to be taken to their site and find out what betting bonuses you could claim today.

1️⃣ What are the most popular betting bonuses?

Without a doubt the most popular betting bonuses in the world today are the deposit bonus and free bets. You can find out more about these types of betting bonuses below.

🙋‍♂️ Can existing customers claim bonuses?

Yes, existing customers can claim a deposit bonus but it is less commonly offered as a type of betting bonus than as a sign up offer or welcome bonus. Typically betting sites and online casinos will offer new customers a deposit bonus.

↔️ Can I combine a welcome bonus with any other promos?

The answer is both yes and no. Whether you are able to combine a welcome bonus with any other promos on offer depends entirely on the betting site’s terms and conditions. That’s why it’s very important that you carefully consider and read the terms and conditions to see if you can combine a bonus with any other promo offers.

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Comparing the best Betting Bonuses & Welcome Offers around

The majority of betting sites and online casinos offer a welcome bonus or sign up offer when a new customer registers an account. In a lot of cases this sign up offer will come in the form of a welcome bonus.

We only rate trustworthy betting sites with the best bonuses available

Why would betting sites and online casinos offer a bonus? It’s simple really. With so much competition for your business betting sites know they have to stand out from the crowd and offer you something special to join their betting site.

Here are 3 simple steps to set you on the right track to finding the best deposit bonus for you:

  1. Pinpoint what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a deposit bonus for sports, casino or poker?
  2. Check out our bonus lists. Our bonus lists are always up to date with the latest bonus and sign up offers. We only rate trustworthy betting sites with the best bonuses.
  3. Read the terms and conditions. You can find a list of things to look out for when choosing a bonus in the section below!

Here at we’ve created a specially dedicated page that gives you the chance to compare different offers such as welcome offers, free bets, matched bonuses, no deposit bonuses, as well as other incentives that betting sites are likely to offer.

Our main focus is on sports betting bonuses, but we even have the inside info that gives you the chance to compare casino bonuses and poker bonuses.

Different Types of Bonuses

Nowadays almost all betting sites offer their new customers the chance to take part in special bonus offers. There are a wide selection of welcome bonuses on offer, and on our website you can easily find out what the different types of bonuses actually mean.

Below we give you a list of the different types of bonuses you might be offered as a new customer.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is an offer for customers who deposit money into their account. A deposit bonus usually contains a percentage of your first deposit and can range from 25% up to as much as 500%.

When a deposit you make is matched with a 100% bonus, we call this a “matched bonus”.

  • For instance, a betting company offers a 100% bonus on deposits of up to £100.
  • So, a deposit of £100 will see you automatically get a deposit bonus of £100.

To have the opportunity to take your winnings however, you may need to comply with the wagering requirement attached to the bonus.

So, if your £100 bonus has a 5x wagering requirement, you have to stake £100 x 5 before becoming eligible for any winnings.

An Example of How a Deposit Bonus Works

With that in mind let’s say a betting site offers you a deposit bonus of 100% up to and including a deposit of £100. This means that you’ll get a bonus of £50 when you make a deposit of £50 in your betting account.

If you want to make a larger deposit you may need to consider if there are any price limitations on the deposit before you put that amount into your account. If you deposit more than £100 you may not qualify for that particular deposit bonus. If you make a deposit of £100 with a betting site you may get £100 in deposit bonuses/as a deposit bonus.

After you’ve received your deposit bonus you may have to wager your bonus a number of times before you can take out your bonus sum in cash.

Let’s say the wagering requirement is five times the bonus sum and you make a deposit of £100. This would then mean you would have to wager up to £500 before you can claim your winnings.

Different types of wagering requirements for bonuses tend to vary depending on what betting site you choose.

You might also need to take into consideration that more often than not there are minimum odds placed on bets made with a deposit bonus. For example, if the minimum odds are set at 1/2, that means that you would have to place a bet for at least those odds when a bet is connected to your deposit bonus.

Free Bets

A free bet is a very popular type of welcome bonus offered to new customers. A free bet means that the betting company offers you a sum of money that you can place a bet with. If you use the free bet and win, then you get to keep the winnings (minus the original sum that the betting company gave you to place the bet).


  • You receive a free bet worth £10 after registering as a new customer
  • Free bet is used on a football match at odds of 1/1
  • The bet wins: £10 placed at odds of 1/1 = £100 minus the original stake (£10)
  • You win £90

In some cases, betting companies may have included a wagering requirement as part of the Free Bet offer which would mean wagering any winnings you make from a free bet a certain number of times before you can claim them.

Often the wagering requirements are kept low for Free Bets but nonetheless, it’s very important that, as a customer, sure you're fully aware of the terms and conditions that apply to your free bet.

No Deposit Free Bet

A no deposit free bet basically means “free money” to new customers who register with a new betting site. And, as the name suggests - you don’t need to make a deposit to receive your bonus. 

A no deposit free bet bonus is extremely popular and, in essence, is free because you don’t need to risk your own money. The original sum given to you with a no deposit free bet tend to vary, but normally is relatively low and usually ranges between £5 and £10.

Like the other bonus offers though, you may need to jump through a wagering requirement hoop to access your winnings.


  • You receive a no deposit free bet offer after opening up new account (no initial deposit from you necessary).
  • Amount of between £5 and £10 ready to play 
  • If you win, the betting site may ask you to wager your winnings any number of times before you can collect them, eg. 3x wagering requirement = winnings must be wagered at least three times before you're entitled to your money.

Terms & Conditions to look out for

As we’ve mentioned above, there are a number of betting companies that offer a wide range of welcome bonuses, all that come with their very own specific requirements. The terms and conditions attached to a welcome bonus can vary substantially.

This all depends on which type of welcome bonus you choose. So it’s always very important that you read the terms and conditions before you make a decision.

There are usually a number of conditions in the fine print that you should pay extra attention to, such as wagering requirements and minimum odds. Below you’ll find a specifically tailored list of what we think are the most important things to consider when you’re deciding which welcome bonus to take.

Types of Bonus and Bonus Sums

The first thing you should be looking for when deciding on which welcome offer to snap up is of course how big they are. Most people tend to look for a welcome bonus with the highest figure, but it’s always good to keep in mind that this type of bonus often comes with terms and conditions that are harder to meet. If you choose a sign up offer with a high figure, you need to be prepared that you may have to wager or turn over any winnings you make a number of times before you are able to claim them.

Wagering Requirement

You've probably heard this term mentioned several times already as it's a condition attached to the vast majority of deposit bonuses. But what is it exactly?

A wagering requirement is the amount of times a betting site requires you to wager your initial bonus sum before you can claim any potential winnings.

The wagering requirement you have to meet before you can claim your winnings often depends on what type of bonus you have opted for.

Percentage-based bonuses worked out from your original deposit will normally have a wagering requirement of 5-15 times the actual bonus sum. Whereas a free bet bonus usually has a wagering requirement that’s a lot lower, often 1-3 times the free bet bonus itself.

How a wagering requirements works in practice

An example of a wagering requirement on a bonus

Let’s say you choose to go for a 100% deposit bonus when you make a deposit of £100. Then you’ll have £200 to bet with. But the wagering requirement for this deposit bonus is 10 times, meaning you would have to wager to a sum equivalent to £1000 of the original £100 you got as a deposit bonus to be able to cash out your winnings.

It’s important to note that betting sites present their wagering requirements in different ways: either in deposit sum + bonus sum or only bonus sum. This does make a difference.

Above, the wagering requirement was for only the bonus sum. Below is a different version.

We’ll continue to use the same example as we did before. Say you also make a deposit of £100 and then get a bonus of £100 on top of that. To be able to wager the bonus, you will need to wager your bonus + deposit. If we say the wagering requirement for this bonus would be ten times the deposit + bonus, then in order to cash out your winnings you need to wager a total of £2000 (i.e. £200 x 10 times).

To make it easy to compare offers from betting sites we always give you the total wagering requirement for the bonus sum. Therefore, in the second example we would write the wagering requirement as 20x.

Minimum Odds

Another important factor you should be aware of when you’re reading the fine print for your bonus is whether there is a requirement to play for minimum odds. Betting companies often stipulate that your bonus or free bet will only fulfil their wagering requirement if it is played in conjunction with the minimum odds that they have set. The minimum odds are usually somewhere between 2/5 and 1/1.

Validity Period

A welcome bonus or a free bet can often come with a limited period of validity. This is where the betting site only allows you to use your welcome bonus or free bet within a specific amount of time, usually from the point at which you register or setup your new account. This also means that you only have a limited time to reach to reach the wagering requirement on your welcome offer or free bet. A common mistake that can be made when it comes to reaching the wagering requirement is the validity period attached to bonus. Make sure you read the terms and conditions as not playing within the validity period often results in the player losing their original bonus sum!

Bonus Code

Certain welcome bonuses often require you to enter a bonus code or promo code. If your welcome bonus or free bet has a bonus code it will be provided to you in connection with your initial deposit or after you have made any additional deposits. Many betting sites bonus codes and promo codes, but in a lot of cases newer betting sites don’t tend to use them.