Premier League betting tips

Premier League Betting Tips

The Premier League is one of the biggest football competitions on the planet. It has some of the world’s most renowned and successful clubs, as well as some of the most gifted, exciting and well-paid players. It’s hardly surprising then that competition is fierce and it’s popular the world over. That’s why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the biggest and best domestic football competition for this year’s Premier League 2018/19 season

Premier League Betting Tips

Bet closesTipsterEventBetOddsResultat
12 May
Brighton vs. Manchester City
English Premier League
Bet: Manchester City to win to nil
6 May
Manchester City vs. Leicester
English Premier League
Bet: Manchester City (-1) handicap win
4 May
Bournemouth vs. Tottenham Hotspur
English Premier League
Bet: Both teams to score
3 May
Everton vs. Burnley
English Premier League
Bet: Everton to win
28 Apr
Man United vs. Chelsea
English Premier League
Bet: Man United to win

BetBlazers Premier League Betting Tips

Take advantage of a betting community that's dominant in every area of the field, primed to deliver man-of-the-match performances time and again. are on hand to provide you with the best and most reliable tips on the most popular league in the world, The English Premier League (EPL).

We eat, live and breathe the beautiful game

Our in-house tipsters will guarantee you’re fully up-to-date with all the latest news and developments before each round of fixtures, providing you with the breaking injury news and likely-line-ups, as well as expert insight into how each game may unfold.

Clearly, our highly dedicated and skilled writers are well-informed on everything EPL related so you need not worry about missing out on the most up to the minute team news which could affect the outcome of a game you have in mind.

Our specialists are highly experienced and fully immersed within the world of betting

Our mission extends further than the bog-standard tipster site however; we eat, live and breathe the beautiful game, analysing those finer details including tactics and psychological factors, highly significant in increasing your chances of success.

In tandem with the most comprehensive previews available, the specialists we have in place are highly experienced and full immersed within the world of betting – a potential match-winning combination.

Of course, it goes without saying, the unpredictable nature of the league accounts for some very surprising results on occasions, leaving our team unable to deliver a victory every time.

Premier League Betting Tips

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At BetBlazers we're passionate about all kinds of sports betting, none more so than football. The Premier League is one of the best club leagues in the world, and it's no wonder that the BetBlazers betting community loves Premier League betting.

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Premier League Betting

With each of the 380 fixtures guaranteed compulsory viewing, crammed full of incident and drama, there are options galore when it comes to the range of different markets you can have a flutter on.

Each game will have over 100 various pre-match markets ready to play for

Each individual game will have up to and sometimes over 100 various pre-match markets readily available to lay money on, the primary and more favoured options centring on the match result, correct score and first goalscorer.

The selections are almost endless and also tend to include Under/Over a certain amount of goals, both teams to score, number of corners taken and booking points accumulated.

The sheer variety of options means you’ll never grow tired of betting on the Premier League

Selected betting sites will even give you the option to build or ‘request a bet’ based on how you see the match panning out, providing you with combined odds on a set of match events.

And if this isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst, the hugely popular in-play markets deliver the most updated odds and scenarios relevant to what is directly happening in the game, such as, the latest odds on a player having already scored two goals, to go on and claim his hat-trick.

Variety of markets and matches is a big attraction for many people who love Premier League betting. The sheer variety of options to play means that you’ll never grow tired of Premier League betting.

Premier League Betting

Premier League Betting: Betting on the Final Score

More often than not, calling the final outcome of a match is the main port-of-call for the majority of punters. 

The Traditional Way

For betting on the most common Full-Time Result (1X2), you simply lay your money on either a home win (1), a draw (X) or an away win (2), giving you a 33.3% chance of success. A correct prediction from the three possible outcomes yields a win based on the odds given when you placed your bet. Simples.

Asian Handicap

But as is sometimes the case, a team is such a clear favourite that there’s not much value in the odds given, with only a sizeable stake likely to yield a return of any value.

This is where the Asian Handicap (AH) market comes into play, a form of betting that takes the prospect of a draw out of the equation entirely.

You’ll either bet on the home team or the away team, where one is set as the favourite and assigned a negative handicap, the other the underdog and set a positive handicap. With just two possible outcomes to choose, your chance of success, this time, stands at 50%.

Betting on the final score is easily the most popular form of Premier League betting

A number of factors including player availability, current form, home field advantage and historical performance are taken into account when determining the difference in quality of the two opponents and assigning each with the correct handicap.

From here, the perceived better team will be placed at a disadvantage and start the match with either -0.5, -1, -1.5, or -2 goals.

The negative handicap handed to the favourite simply counters the perceived bias in the ability of the two opponents to level the playing field and provide you with better odds.

An example of Asian handicap betting

We’ll take a match between Manchester City and Watford by way of example.

With City deemed the heavy favourites, they’d most likely be given a handicap of -1.5.

In essence, the match would begin: Man City -1.5 v Watford 0

So, if Man City ended the game winning just 1-0, the handicap score would be: Man City -0.5 v Watford 0

Watford would in fact be the “winners” on the handicap with the higher handicap score.

However, a 2-0 win for City would see them the handicap score finish as: Man. City +0.5 v Watford 0

Here, Man City would be the “winners” of the match and the handicap having have finished with the higher score.

The coming together of two evenly-matched teams will see a level handicap set where both sides begin on 0 goals, neither possessing a handicap bias here. In the event of a draw, all bets are refunded due to both teams being on zero goals and no advantage existing.

Double Chance

A double chance bet does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you the opportunity to cover two of the three possible outcomes (home win, draw, away win) in a match, with one single bet. 

Alongside the options mentioned above, this method is extremely popular among punters for its flexibility. As long as you feel a team is pretty unlikely to lose, you can cover yourself with a win and a draw and combine the two outcomes in one bet.

In essence, you’re betting on a win/draw scenario for the team you’ve backed - you win if the team you’ve bet on avoids defeat.

You may also feel a draw isn’t at all likely, in which case you’d back a home or away win as part of your double chance bet.

For example: 

  • Home team (1) and draw (X) –  Your bet is a winner if the home side wins or draws the match
  • Away team (2) and draw (X) – Your bet is a winner if the away team wins or draws the match
  • Home team (1) and Away team (2) – Your bet is a winner if the home team or away team wins the match.

Naturally, the odds given won’t offer as much value if you had opted for a straight win or draw outside of this, as you’ve increased your chances of winning by fusing the two outcomes together.

Premier League Outright Betting

Mohamed Salah won the Golden Boot last season after scoring the most goals

Premier League Betting: Outright Betting

Even before a ball is kicked, bets are placed on the likely final position of teams - whether they’ll be crowned champions, qualify for Europe or suffer the displeasure of relegation. 

Outright bets can be placed from the pre-season right until the last kick

Predicting which player will score the most goals to win the highly coveted Golden Boot prize or having a punt on the first manager to win the annual sack race, are further examples as to the sheer scale of various outcomes available for you to stake money on.

Long term bets, or outright bets are popular form of Premier League betting with many fans who love to bet on the Premier League. Outright bets can be placed from the pre-season right until the last kick.

Popular types of outright betting for the Premier League

  • Premier League winner
  • Golden Boot winner (top scorer)
  • Who will get relegated

About The Premier League

With a viewership that spans the globe, TV deals in over 100 countries, and average attendances at grounds across England of over 35,000 strong week in week out, the Premier League is the most followed football league in the world and it’s popular both home and abroad.  And that popularity is shown in the amount of financial clout that English teams have. 

The Premier League is considered by many to be the best domestic league in the world

But how much money does the Premier League make? Well, between the period 2016-2019 the Premier League earned around £1.2 billion per season in total revenue. It’s nearest rival is the German Bundesliga earning just over half of the Premier League’s total revenue. It’s easy then to see how it can attract such global attention. 

The Premier League is considered by many to be the best domestic league in the world. But why is this the case? Simply because it is extremely competitive from the top to the bottom, unpredictable and the style of football is fast, free-flowing but also gritty. Any team can win any game at any time. 

English football has strong traditions, boasting the oldest league and cup competitions in the world

By paying some of the biggest wages in the world for both players and managers alike, the Premier League has grown to be the most cosmopolitan league in the world, showcasing talent from across the globe.

English football has strong traditions, boasting the oldest league and cup competitions in the world, not to mention the English Football Association (FA) writing the first ever published rule book of football, codifying the game’s laws as early as 1863.

Premier League 2017/18

The new season of the Premier League is always eagerly anticipated and that’s no more true than for this year’s Premier League 2018/19. Let’s find out why.

Competition isn’t just fierce for those teams who want to take the title

Last year, the Premier League 2017/18 season saw eventual champions Manchester City run away with an early lead. Already by October second place side Manchester United could hardly keep pace. Cross town neighbours City broke the 100 point margin, eventually lifting the Premier League trophy. United finished in second with 81 points, 19 points behind the champions. 

Man City Premier League Trophy

Man City won last season's Premier League, their third title

Despite a lack of competition for the trophy itself compared with other seasons where we’ve seen a much tighter and drawn out Premier League title race, rivalries among the rest of the top six Premier League teams intensified considerably. Those rivalries at the top of the table between the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and Tottenham Hotspur will be one of the key things to look out for in this season’s Premier League 2018/19 campaign.

Competition isn’t just fierce for those teams who want to take the title, but with six teams fighting for only four available spots in the Champions League there’s even more at stake than ever before.

Premier League Betting FAQ

How does Premier League betting work?

Like any other kind of sports betting, Premier League betting is largely based on odds offered by betting sites. Premier League betting is popular around the world and the amount of odds markets available to punters who want to get involved in Premier League betting is absolutely enormous. You’ll be able to find everything from standard match odds, to goalscorer markets as well as live-betting and in-play markets on the majority of sports betting sites.

Do you have a Premier League betting guide?

If you’re new to Premier League betting, here at BetBlazers we have a number of different ways for you to get clued up on Premier League betting. The first stop is to follow our Premier League betting tips for expert Premier League tips and predictions that are written by passionate punters and footy experts, which we keep constantly up to date. We also publish Premier League betting news every week!

What is the best betting site for Premier League betting?

Because the Premier League is the most popular football betting competition in the world there are a wide range of fantastic betting sites for Premier League betting with a huge range of Premier League betting markets and odds on offer. If you’re unsure about what site to visit then check out our guide for the Best Sites for Football Betting.

Who writes your Premier League betting tips?

Our Premier League betting tips are written by a diverse group of people who have one thing in common: they love the Premier League and they love Premier League betting. Our betting tips are penned by writers who have a long-established passion and interest in the Premier League, and most importantly - they want to share their Premier League betting tips with you!

Do you just focus on Premier League betting tips?

No, we don’t just focus on Premier League betting tips! We’re interested in all sorts of football betting tips. From Championship betting tips to La Liga betting tips and Serie A betting tips, if you’re after more English football or are after something from one of the major European major leagues, then our football betting tips aim to provide it. If you think you have the passion and knowledge to write football betting tips then don’t hesitate to contact us!