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Cricket is a multi-faceted sport, and unlike other popular sports such as football or tennis, cricket comes in a number of different formats. This is perfect for cricket lovers, and for those who love to bet on cricket, simply because it means there is much more going on and a consistent number of matches being played across the world, all year round - perfect for online cricket betting and cricket betting in general.

Having a number of different formats means it’s possible for cricket lovers to choose a particular type of cricket they prefer to watch or bet on, although many cricket fans find themselves interested across the board. The popularity of cricket across the world, as well as the number of different domestic leagues that are contested means there is a steady stream of matches to get involved in when it comes to cricket betting. Many betting sites now offer a wide variety of in-play cricket odds.

The various international rivalries such as The Ashes are a main attraction for cricket betting, especially for Test Matches. The enduring popularity of the County Championship in England and the extraordinary rise of Twenty20 Cricket such as the Indian Premier League means there’s plenty of action to whet your appetite.

A range of betting sites offer both pre-game and live odds for a whole host of matches around the globe for online cricket betting.

How do you bet on cricket?

What makes online cricket betting so popular? Like we said it’s global popularity as well as the range and variety of matches makes it easily accessible, and there are a number of tournaments and stand out contests such as ODIs and Test Matches available throughout the year. 

The popularity of T20 tournaments across the globe and the rise of mobile betting has been a perfect match and it’s seen the online cricket betting market develop into one of the best sports in the world for in-play and live-betting. Many of the bigger betting sites now offer live streaming services on a range of matches and will display live cricket odds as well as a cricket match rate across a number of betting markets.

Popular types of cricket betting

There are a wide range of different online cricket betting markets available to punters, and like other popular global sports it’s possible to find a number of betting sites offering competitive odds on many matches and tournaments.

Due to cricket’s global spread and the popularity of shorter, more intense matches in T20, live-betting on domestic cricket leagues has started to become extremely popular and betting sites now offer a range of live cricket odds, as well as live-betting options, not to mention live streaming services across a number of markets that punters interested in cricket betting and can take advantage of.

Match WinnerThe most popular form of online cricket betting, like many sports is to bet on the winner of a match. The availability of single matches between teams in domestic leagues means it’s always possible to find a game and odds to bet on the winner. This kind of cricket bet is very popular for T20 domestic leagues The enduring popularity of longer Test Cricket means a popular form of online cricket betting is still to bet on the overall winner of the contest or who will come out on top at the end of each day. Make sure to regular consult our cricket betting tips for update info on all the latest matches. Our bet tips are written by our very own expert cricket tips writers.
Outright WinnerSimilar to placing a bet on the winner of a match, many punters who like to bet on cricket will place a bet on the outright winner. The outright winner refers to the overall winner of any competition. In cricket this could apply to an ODI, Test Match, or even a domestic league.
To Win the TossCricket matches usually begin with a coin toss to determine who will take the first innings and get to bat first. While the coin toss won’t directly affect the outcome of a match it will decide the order of play which can have a big impact. Many punters like to make this type of cricket bet and many betting sites with offer odds on the winner of the coin toss.
Top BatsmanAlthough cricket is a team game, why not use your knowledge of the sport to see which individual player will earn the most points over the course of the match for their team. Along with the bowler on the opposing team the batsman has the greatest chance to affect the outcome of the game. By striking the ball well the batsman has the opportunity to earn runs for his team and hopefully win the game.
Top BowlerSimilar to the batsmen on one side, the bowlers make the difference for the opposing team. Every team has a star batsman and a star bowler, but players alternate and if the odds are right this can be a good bet to make.
Man of the MatchThis is an extremely popular type of cricket bet. It’s not always about the batsmen and the bowlers. Any player can have a worldy. Analyse the cricket match and use your knowledge to predict who will be voted the best player overall. Our cricket betting tips will often include a prediction of who will be named man of the match.
Leading Runscorer or Leading Wicket TakerCricket is all about the battle for who scores the most runs. The leading runscorer and leading wicket taker are at the forefront of the game for their teams.

Cricket live rate, live-betting and live streaming cricket

Due to the global range and coverage of cricket both internationally and domestically, many betting sites strive offer a live streaming service across a range of cricket matches. In addition to live streaming betting sites will offer a live cricket rate of odds. A live cricket rate is basically a changing set of odds offered to punters who want to live-bet on cricket. In-play or live-betting on cricket has become extremely popular and the majority of betting sites now provide their customers a consistent live rate across a range of online cricket betting markets.

Cricket Betting Tips

Here at our expert tipsters are always at hand to offer you consistent and on the money cricket betting tips. From Test Matches to T20, our expert cricket betting tips writers want to give you the best chance of bringing in the winnings from betting on the innings.

Do you think you have what it takes? If you think you know your cricket well enough to write your own cricket betting tips then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Be a part of our site and our growing betting community!

Best Betting Sites for Cricket

Best Betting Sites for Cricket

About Cricket

Cricket Picture

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 2.5 billion estimated fans, ranking it second only to football. Cricket has been played in England in one form or another for centuries, and the modern game we know and love today was in full swing by the late 19th century and early 20th century. Cricket is still one of the most popular sports in England to this day, and is massive in places where the English exported it to, such as India and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand as well as in parts of Africa and the West Indies - making it a truly global game.

Types of Cricket

Cricket can be split up into international and domestic cricket. The most popular type of international cricket is Test Cricket, but other popular types of international cricket are One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 (often written T20). Twenty20 Cricket is also extremely popular as a domestic sport and there are a number of T20 leagues around the world.

The main difference between Test Cricket, ODIs and T20 is simply the length of time of the contest. Test Cricket can occur over a period of days or even weeks, whereas ODIs take place over the course of a day. T20 is a relatively new form of cricket and matches are specifically designed to be short and usually span three hours.

T20 Cricket is a short form of cricket and is relatively new, only being introduced in 2003, but has exploded onto the scene. The fast pace, bright lights and luminescent colours of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have caught global attention.

Whatever type of cricket you’re watching or cricket betting you’re participating in, remember it’s all about the runs. The team that has the most runs wins the match!


The highest standard of international cricket is often considered to be Test Cricket. Test Cricket matches often take place over a number of days. Perhaps the biggest tournament is The Ashes, taking place between England and Australia every two years. The two countries alternate as hosts and it’s considered to be one of the fiercest rivalries in cricket. The original domestic cricket league originated in England. Known as the County Championship, it’s still one of the most popular leagues in the world. Perhaps the most popular of the domestic cricket leagues has to be the Indian Premier League (IPL), which has grown exponentially in recent years. A form of T20 cricket, it’s popular with cricket lovers all over the world and attracts some of the best players the game has to offer.

Cricket Betting FAQ

What is the best online cricket betting site?

There is no definitive answer to which is the best online cricket betting site. cricket in-play is a fantastic choice if you want to test your wits when it comes to live-betting cricket. Cricket on Bet365 also has a great range of crickets odds and services across a wide range of markets. But generally, any of the sites we’ve listed above would be a great option for your cricket betting needs.

Where can I find up-to-date cricket bet tips?

At BetBlazers we aim to consistently offer the latest, expert cricket bet tips for a wide range of domestic and international cricket matches. Always remember to keep check our site for the latest, up-to-date cricket betting tips. Our expert cricket tipsters are always busy and we’re constantly updating our site with the freshest cricket bet tips.

What is a cricket match rate or cricket live rate?

A cricket match rate or a cricket live rate are the range of odds and in the latter case the live odds that an online cricket betting site has to offer you. The bigger betting sites usually have the widest range of crickets odds and services to offer punters. Many betting sites now try offer their customers live streaming services so they can bet in-play.