Best Betting Sites with Cash Out

We list and rank the best betting sites with cash out

About Cash Out

The cash out feature is now commonly offered by online bookies. It gives players the option to close their bet on a game before the game has actually finished. A player can take the profit early on a bet which is coming in and therefore they ‘Cash Out’ in real-time.  

Cash out gives the punter more control than ever

This means that you can bet on the result of a match and finish your bet before the game itself is finished. The Cash Out feature has become increasingly popular in recent years and a growing number of bookies offer this function as part of their online betting platforms.

If you want to read even more about the cash out feature, we recommend that you read our guide to Cash Out from our Betting School series.

Best Betting Sites Cash Out

How does cash out work?

Cash out works with the simple click of a button. First, before you place a bet make sure that the betting site is offering the cash out option on that particular betting market you’re interested in. If they are you’ll be able to cash out on your bet should you need to, usually at any stage of the match or race. Let’s hope you don’t!

You'll find a list of cash out rules on every betting site that offers cash out

Cash out is subject to different terms and conditions depending on which betting site you decide to play with. You’ll be able to find a comprehensive list of the cash out rules on every betting site that offers the cash out service. Always read the cash out terms and conditions before you place a bet so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Best betting sites with cash out

We’ve taken the time to list the best betting sites for cash out so that you can get straight to it. Be confident in knowing that all the betting sites we recommend for cash out are tried, tested and all round solid betting sites for the cash out markets they offer. 

Tried, tested and simply the best betting sites for cash out

We rank the best betting sites for cash out according to the range of cash out markets, ease of use and reliability of their cash out function.

Best Betting Sites with Cash Out

Betfair Cash Out

5 x £20 Free Bets

  • One of first betting sites to offer cash out is still a market leader
  • Cash out is available on a massive range of betting markets including the Betfair Exchange

Betfair stand out from a number of other betting sites that offer cash out due to their wide range of cash out markets for punters to enjoy. Betfair were the original innovators and have consistently stayed ahead of the game due to the sheer number of cash out markets and ease of use for punters.

Cash out has never been easier to find or use than with Betfair. Betfair cash out always display a simple round yellow icon to show players where cash out is available for a market. A slider allows the punter to easily choose how much of their bet they want to cash out.

bet365 Cash Out

100% up to £100 in bet credits

  • Take control and close your game in whole or partially
  • One of the best betting sites for cash out

The world's largest betting site, bet365, was the first site to offer the cash out feature to its punters and it’s still leading the pack. The cash out feature can be used on all single and multiple bets at bet365 for both pre-match games and in-play games. They offer cash out on football, cricket, horse racing, tennis and basketball.

bet365 also gives you the option to partially cash out your bet, leaving the remainder of your stake to run.

Unibet Cash Out

£30 Bonus Money

  • See the exact amount for cash out
  • Cash out option is available on a wide range of live matches

Unibet's cash out feature allows you to redeem your bet before the game ends. You may think that your bet is about to run out of steam and want to secure a profit or minimise a loss. With Unibet cash out feature shows exactly how much you can win if you close your bet. Click on the ‘cash out’ button and your money is instantly credited to your account. The Cash Out feature only applies to Unibet's live games.

More betting sites with cash out

Since the creation of the cash out feature over a decade ago, it’s spread like wildfire and a wide number of betting sites seek to offer cash out on multiple markets nowadays.

We’ve selected some of the betting sites that we think are among the top tier of those offering cash out to punters.

More betting sites with cash out

Bethard Cash Out

Up to £50 in bonuses

  • Cash out both before a match starts and live during the game
  • Cash out for a variety of sports and events

Bethard targets the big games, but also offers a smooth and easy to use cash out feature. Considering they’re a relatively new player to the game, the range of cash out markets that Bethard offers is impressive to say the least. With Bethard you can use the cash out button before a match starts as well as during the game.

Please be aware that in many circumstances Bethard’s cash out feature does not usually apply to Asian Handicap, Asian Over / Under, Handicap and Over / Under, Total Goals, Each Way and SP Games, and Forecast / Tricast. Always make sure you check to see if the betting market offers cash out before you place your bet!

betway Cash Out

£30 Free Bet

  • Betway cash out covers all the big games and events
  • Competitive cash out markets that challenge the best betting sites for cash out

betway offers cash out on the biggest markets on a wide range of sports and it’s hard to miss. Their slique black site advertises the potential cash out markets with stand out green “CO” icons that makes it easy to spot which matches available to cash out.

Whether it’s football, horse racing, boxing or snooker you’re after betway has a number of cash out markets that rival the best of them for the big games.

William Hill Cash Out

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets

  • Huge range of cash out for in-play markets
  • Easy to find, access and cash out markets throughout the site

William Hill is one of the most established betting companies and they don’t disappoint when it comes to their online site or their cash out options. If you’re looking for cash out markets then William Hill cash out is one of the most comprehensive out there.

It’s easy to access cash out markets with their small yellow/green icon next to each betting market that’s shows you which bets can be combined with the cash out feature. It’s even easier to control your bets if you think you want to cash out. In your bet slip William Hill cash out explains everything you need to know about how and when to cash out.

Best Betting Sites with Partial Cash Out

What is partial cash out? Partial cash out is a newer form of cash out that allows the punter to keep part of their original bet still in action, while cashing out the remaining percentage. It works essentially the same way as standard cash out. The simple difference with  partial cash out is that you’re allowed to split what you want to do with your bet.

Partial cash out leaves the punter with the ability to split their bets

Partial cash out is usually offered on all cash out markets but can differ depending on the bookie you’re betting with!

Best Betting Sites with Partial Cash Out

Betfair Partial Cash Out

5 x £20 Free Bets

Betfair partial cash out is second to none on the market. It’s easy to find and use with their in-play slider function. Simply click ‘Cash Out part of my bet’ and you can adjust the slider from £0 to the total value of your bet. It’s possible to cash out as many times as you like providing that the Betfair cash out slider is still available.

bet365 Partial Cash Out

100% up to £100 in bet credits

How could we not include bet365 on our list of best betting. When it comes to amount of markets and sports bet365 offers a number of cash out options. Simply check if your bet has a cash out option attached to it. If it does and when the time comes you can easily decide how much of your bet to cash out and how much of your bet to leave to run by using their bet365 cash out slider. Simple as.

Bethard Partial Cash Out

Up to £50 in bonuses

Bethard doesn’t just offer a solid selection of cash out markets, but it’s possible to cash out or partially cash out more than ever before. Simply place your bet, go to the “My Bets” section and click on “Cash Out”. Easy peasy.

Advantages & Disadvantages of cash out

Cash out is a relatively new concept in the betting world but has been revolutionary nonetheless. Having said that it’s not for everyone, with some punters preferring to stick to the more tried and tested and traditional method of betting.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing with cash out.


  • Quicker access to a winning bet
  • Allows you to minimise your losses
  • Wider variety of markets means more options and more odds
  • Gives you the ability to place bets as you see the match unfold in front of your eyes
  • By cashing out you can come back to fight another day with some cash still left in your account


  • Fluctuations in potential returns can differ widely between betting sites, matches and markets
  • As the chance of your bet winning become less likely so do your potential returns with cashback
  • Some argue that it takes the value out of your original bet

Cash Out FAQ

What is cash out?

Cash out is a relatively new service that some betting sites offer their customers, allowing you to close your bet while the match is still taking place. Cash out means you can take more control over your bet than ever before. With cash out you can close your bet to either minimise your losses or claim winnings if you feel like the match is turning so it will result in you losing your bet.

How will I be able to tell if a betting site is offering cash out?

It’s pretty easy to tell if a betting site offers cash out. Most sites tend to have an information section somewhere on the home page regarding cash out. There you’ll be able to read the terms and conditions relating to the cash out feature that a particular betting site offers.

If you know a betting site offers a cash out feature but you’re not sure what markets they offer it for simply scroll through the odds for the sport or match you’re interested in. On many sites like Betfair and betway they will have an icon displayed next to each betting market to show that cash out is an option for that bet.

What betting sites offer cash out?

All of the most well established betting sites offer cash out. You’ll be able to find a section on each betting site’s home page telling you whether they offer a cash out feature. This is also a good place to read a betting site’s cash out terms and conditions. All of the more well established and bigger betting sites offer cash out to varying degrees. Read above to find out what our favourites are.

What is partial cash out?

Partial cash out is a form of cash out that allows the punter to select how much of their bet they want to close and how much they want to leave in play. In most cases it’s possible to decide exactly how much of your bet you want to cash out on. On some betting sites like bet365 and Betfair there is  a cash out slider that easily allows you to split your bet.

What betting sites offer partial cash out?

Some betting sites now allow their customers to participate in partial cash out, but it’s still not as common as standard cash out. Read above to see some of our favourite sites that have the partial cash out feature.

How is cash out calculated?

The cash out value is calculated as soon as you place your bet, but can change depending on the mitigating factors surrounding the match and the betting market itself. The value of cash out that is offered to you will change depending on how likely your bet is to win or lose. If your bet has a cash out option attached to it and it’s a feature you’re interested in, make sure you pay close attention to give yourself the best chance of maximising your winnings or minimising your losses.