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Betting on Rugby Union

Rugby Union is a fast, technical and ruggedly dynamic sport. International Rugby Union usually attracts the biggest audiences for multi-national events such as The Rugby World Cup, The Six Nations and The Rugby Championship. The sport is also played at club level and there’s a whole host of domestic leagues to sink your teeth into such as the Aviva Premiership in England, The Top 14 in France, and multinational Super Rugby.

Rugby union is one of the world’s most popular sports to bet on and many betting sites offer a range of rugby betting odds, betting markets and rugby betting options for both pre-game and in-play betting.

A number of betting sites now offer live rugby odds that allow you to delve deeper into the action

Tactical shifts in the game, psychological advantages and disadvantages during the match, and player form on the day can make the match sway in either team’s direction at any point. The very nature of the game in this way makes Rugby Union a great sport not just for pre-game betting but also for in-play and live-betting. A number of betting sites now offer live rugby odds that allow you to delve deeper into the action and take advantage of shifting circumstances as you watch the game.

New Zealand Vs South Africa 2006 Tri Nations Line Out

Due to the fact that rugby union is played across the globe at both international and domestic level makes it a great sport for rugby betting, and betting sites aim to provide a stream of rugby betting odds at a variety of levels, wherever the game you’re interested in is taking place. Rugby betting odds for international tournaments such as The Rugby World Cup have a wide coverage over a number of sites. Betting sites always aim to provide a range of Six Nations odds and markets so you can take part in one of the most popular rugby betting competitions on the planet.

It’s always a good idea to have an account with a number of betting sites to be able to take advantage of a range of rugby betting odds available. A great way to compare rugby betting odds is to use a rugby oddschecker. To put yourself in the best possible position, you should always read rugby betting tips. Our rugby betting tips are constantly updated and written by rugby betting experts.

How do you bet on rugby union?

As we’ve said, rugby union by design is a fast-paced and technical sport and that makes it a great sport to bet on. When you combine this with its global popularity, you have a recipe for success. If you love to bet on rugby or are considering getting involved you won’t be disappointed with the amount of rugby union matches that betting sites offer, or the range of rugby betting markets available to you.

Popular types of rugby union betting

Match WinnerAs with other team sports such as football and cricket, one of the most popular types of bet to place is of course on the match winner. With both international and domestic leagues operating year round, across the northern and southern hemispheres there are plenty of matches to get involved in. Nowadays betting sites strive to live stream rugby and it’s both possible to place a bet on the winner of a match before it starts, or to get involved in rugby live-betting as you see the game develop.
Tournament Winner or Outright WinnerWhen you bet on the winner of the tournament it can also be called the “outright winner”. If you’re looking forward to getting stuck into an upcoming international tournament or you love the ebb and flow of domestic league competitions, placing a bet on the overall winner can certainly make things even more interesting. Just like if you’re trying to predict the outcome of a match winner, there are a few things you’ll have to take into consideration if you’re betting on the outright winner of a rugby union tournament. Betting on the tournament winner means you’ll have to pay close attention to rugby union news and immerse yourself in the ins-and-outs of everything rugby union. We can think of worse things to do!
Handicap Betting or Winning MarginOne of the most popular forms of rugby betting is handicap betting. If you’re a fan of rugby union and betting on rugby union you need to know that it’s not just about who wins, but also by how much. Unlike football, rugby union awards a higher value of points for a try or a conversion and this can make games very high scoring. Before a match bookies will not only set their rugby union odds for who will win the match, but more often than not, their rugby unions odds will contain a handicap determining who is most likely to win the match. For example, it might say Australia +25 or England -15. Not only will these rugby odds tell you who is most likely to win the match but it’s another great form of rugby betting to get involved in.
Total PointsAnother type of rugby union odds you might come across are the total amount of points will be scored in a game. Unlike the winning margin bet we’re just mentioned, this type of rugby betting will involve testing your knowledge of not just one team but both teams equally.
First try scorer, first team to score a try, time of first tryWhile not always crucial to the outcome of a rugby union match, the first try sets a team up strongly to push forward and create some breathing room between them and their opponent. Due to the popularity of betting on the first try there are a number of options available to punters who are interested in betting on rugby union. Whether it’s team or the person to actually score the try itself or even when it happens, a number of betting sites will offer you rugby odds for this type of bet.

Rugby Union Match Oddschecker

Due to its global popularity the excitement and unpredictability it creates, rugby union betting is becoming more and more common. Therefore, betting sites strive to offer a wider range of rugby union odds and more playable markets for rugby union betting. A rugby union match oddschecker is a great tool to use to wade through the different types of rugby betting odds you’ll no doubt encounter. A rugby union match oddschecker will list all the available odds and organise them by match so you don’t have to do the work and can find the best possible odds. We recommend creating a betting account with a variety of sites in order to take advantage of the best odds that become available to you.

Best Betting Sites for Rugby Union

Rugby Union Betting Tips

There are a number of factors that can affect a rugby union match, not to mention a great range of rugby union betting markets to participate in and rugby odds across a number of betting sites. It can sometimes be hard not only to take in all the news, movements, not to mention understanding the tactics, then finding the best odds on the market. Well with you don’t have to worry any longer, as we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our dedicated team of rugby and rugby union experts are not only passionate about the sport itself, but also love to bet. Read our rugby union betting tips to get the pulse of the game and make sure you’re not missing out on anything. Our rugby union betting tips come to you carefully considered and up-to-date. Try our rugby betting tips and you’ll be sure to have a better read of the match before you put down your cash on it!

About Rugby Union

New Zealand Rugby Union Try

Rugby Union is just one of the major world sports to be born out of England in the mid-late 19th century. Since its origins in the public schools of England it became popular among the everyday people and was exported across the world. Nowadays almost every country in the world is either a member of the rugby union world body or has ties to it. Rugby Union is popular across the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand as well as parts of Africa, South America and even smaller Pacific nations, making it a truly global game.

The aim of the game is score more points than the opposing team - it’s as simple as that

A match consists of two teams with 15 players apiece. The aim of the game is score more points than the opposing team - it’s as simple as that. There are a number of ways to score in a match. The first is a try which is worth three points. A player must take the ball to the opposing team’s side of the pitch and touch the ball on the ground in the in-goal area. If a team scores a try they are automatically awarded a conversion kick. A conversion kick is worth a further two points. Scoring a successful penalty kick or drop goal will get your team three points apiece.

This makes skillful passing play extremely important, and creates tension between the two teams across the pitch

Passing the ball forward is not allowed in rugby union which limits how far any team can progress up the pitch against the opposing team’s backline. This makes skillful passing play extremely important, and creates tension between the two teams across the pitch.

Line outs and scrums are a common way of restarting the game after the ball goes out of play or the referee has blown for a minor infringement.

Major Tournaments


  • Rugby World Cup
  • Six Nations (Europe)
  • Rugby Championship (Southern Hemisphere)


  • Aviva Premiership (England)
  • Top 14 (France)
  • European Champions' Cup (Europe)
  • Super Rugby (Southern Hemisphere)

Rugby Union Betting FAQ

What is an Rugby Union or a Rugby Oddschecker?

A rugby or a rugby union oddschecker allows you to compare a range of different betting sites for the competitive rugby union odds or the market. A rugby union match oddschecker will list odds for specific games. So if you’re looking for Six Nations odds or rugby union odds in general it’s easier than ever to find what you’re after.

Where can I find up-to-date rugby union bet tips?

At we pride ourselves on being to offer you up-to-date and consistent bet tips from a number of our rugby betting experts. Our rugby bet tips will give you the expert an inside info to take your rugby betting to the next level.

What is the best online rugby union betting site?

In short, there is no ‘best’ online rugby union betting site, but there are a number of UK sites that offer a range of odds on rugby matches, as well as pre-match and in-play markets to whet your appetite. A number of betting sites now live stream the match itself or at least the results of a match so you can follow your rugby bet as the actions takes place.