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Competitions Promos

If you sign up for a competition promo on a betting site you give yourself the chance of winning a whole host of prizes. As a customer you’re in a great position to take advantage of a variety of competitions on offer.

A type of campaign that betting sites often offer are competition promos, which in recent years have become increasingly popular. One of the main reasons for the success of the competition promo is plain and simply the sheer range of prizes on offer.

If you take part in a competition promo you’ve given yourself a great chance of winning a £2000 trip abroad or a ticket to major sports event such as the World Cup to name just two potential examples. In some cases betting sites will even offer cash prizes.

How do I take part in a competition promo?

To have the chance to participate in a competition promo you first need to be a customer with a betting site that offers these types of campaigns. Once you’ve registered an account you’re ready to hunt for the promotions where you’ll have a chance to win some huge prizes.

The types of competition promos that betting sites offer can vary so make sure to check for any terms and conditions before you get stuck in.

Choosing which competition suits you best

The amount of competition promos offered by a betting site can vary widely. So before you start it’s important to ask yourself the question “how active a punter do I want to be?” This is because some competition promos require you to have placed a certain amount of bets or wagered a certain amount over a particular period. Take the Champions League for example, if you’ve staked a certain amount or placed a number of bets over a number of matches, you may be eligible to participate in a betting site’s exclusive competition promotion.

If you’re not prepared to meet any potential requirements such as these, then you won’t have the opportunity to participate. However, it’s still possible to find competition promos that extend over shorter periods, for example during the World Cup, or even over the period of a week. Certain competition promos can even be offered for live-betting.

What kind of rules are there?

Betting sites often set a minimum deposit requirement that you need to meet if you want to take part in a competition promo. The deposit can differ depending on which competition promo that you’re taking part in. For example, you may be required to stake at least £200 to have the chance to win a selection of prizes, while other competition promos can have a minimum deposit requirement of as low as £10.

If you want to take part in a competition promo then you need to be prepared to meet the minimum odds that may be specified. Minimum odds can vary widely and can be anything from 1.10 to 8.00. What you need to is make sure you find out exactly what those minimum odds are. Competition promos can even be reckoned according to how high the odds were that you played. A standard calculation that betting sites use to determine any potential winnings to be had from a competition promo could be: > Deposit x Number of matches x Total odds (played)

Examples of Competition Promos

High Odds Competitions

In a highest odds competition the goal is to make the winning bet with the highest odds in a campaign. In some of these competitions the objective is to make as many correct high-odds bets as possible for a given period of time.

Wagering Competitions

A turnover competition is usually based on collecting lottery tickets for a draw. You collect tickets by making bets of a certain sum.


Demonstrate that you’re a skillful punter by winning as many games as possible in a row. A snowball competition is where you have the opportunity to place a bet or a number of bets over a period of days. Let’s say the snowball competition starts on Monday and you place a valid bet under the terms and conditions of the competition. If you win that bet, you’ll have the opportunity to place another bet the following day. Your potential winnings will increase proportionally over each day until the competition ends with the chance to win big. Make sure to double check what bets are being offered under the competition’s terms and conditions.