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Betting on Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on and many betting sites offer odds on tennis. Without a doubt the Grand Slam tournaments are the most attractive to players and punters alike, but the fact that tennis tournaments and matches take place consistently throughout the year is a big draw for those who want to bet on tennis. There’s usually always a match or tournament on somewhere in the world that you’ll be able to bet on, and that’s why punters love to bet on tennis.

The dynamic nature of tennis itself makes it a fantastic option for live betting. The way in which a tennis match can swing back and forth means that if you know a lot about tennis and can analyse the game, you have a fantastic opportunity to bet inplay as the game takes place.

A number of the larger betting companies offer odds on many of the tournaments and matches from all four corners of the earth, both for pre-match bets and inplay betting. It’s always a good idea to have an account with a few betting sites to be able to take advantage of a range of potential tennis odds and matches.

How do you bet on tennis?

Just like betting on a football match, the end result is usually the most common way to bet on tennis. As different tournaments take place throughout the year, and often for short periods of time, it’s just as popular to make bets on the potential tournament winner.

Tennis is a sport where a player’s form on the day is a huge factor that can determine an outcome. Unlike team sports such as football, it all rests on one individual, and for whatever reason, if they’re not performing it can have a massive impact on how the game is decided. For this reason, it’s especially important to do your homework beforehand.

In recent years the popularity of inplay and live betting in tennis has skyrocketed due to the availability of mobile betting, live streaming of matches, and the fact that tennis matches can often swing back and forth during the course of a match or even a set makes tennis betting engaging and exciting.

Popular types of betting in tennis

Match ResultThe most common type of bet in tennis is usually to predict who will win the match. Betting sites will often set their odds on whether a player or team are favourites or underdogs to win a match. Quite simply, you place a bet on who will win the match.
Handicap BetTennis can sometimes be a difficult sport to call with many different factors you need to take into consideration. This is everything from the player itself, the type of court, performance on the day, weather, and both the physical and psychological condition of a player. It’s easy to be blinded by ATP and WTA player rankings when other factors can be just as important. Player rankings are often most useful when a higher ranking player meets a player of lower standing in order to give you a useful indication of who is the favourite to win the match.
Set ResultIt’s not just popular to bet on the overall result of a match, but punters will often bet on who will win each set, or even if the match will be won in a certain number of sets.
Live BetLive betting or in-play betting has seen a huge increase in recent years. All the bigger betting sites offer the opportunity to bet live, and even stream a number of tennis matches every day. Being able to bet while the match is still being played provides an excellent opportunity to use your expertise to anticipate shifts in the game and to beat the odds.

About Tennis

Tennis is one of the most distinguished sports in the world, known for its refined sense of style and its impeccable conduct. It’s origins can be traced all the way back to the middle ages, when the French began to participate in a sport called “jeu de paume” where players would strike a ball with the palms of their hands. The modern game we know and love today was actually developed in England, and is as popular with male and female players.

The biggest tennis competitions for men are grouped together in what we call the ATP Tour. The women’s equivalent is called the WTA tour. The most prestigious part of the these tours are the four big “Grand Slam” tournaments held at various stages of the year. These are:

  • Australian Open (Melbourne) - January
  • Roland Garros (The French Open, Paris) - May/June
  • Wimbledon (London) - July
  • US Open (New York) - August/September
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Tennis Tournaments

Tennis can be played both as an individual or as a team, where a team consists of two players apiece, usually referred to as doubles. Though on the whole tennis is mostly an individual sport.

Professional male tennis players participate in the ATP Tour which consists of 68 different tennis tournaments that take place throughout the year. The results of these tournaments provide the basis of how players are ranked. The structure for professional women’s tennis is essentially the same, although in this case it’s called the WTA Tour. For both men and women, whether playing in singles or doubles, the four Grand Slams are the biggest and most prestigious tournaments to participate in.

There’s also a few team-based tournaments such as the Davis Cup for men where several individual players compete as a team for their country. The women’s equivalent is called the Fed Cup.

It’s good to know that tennis can be played on different types of surfaces and conditions. Hard courts can be both indoor and outdoor and are usually made of synthetic material. There are also grass courts and clay courts. Two of the Grand Slams are played on hard courts (Australian Open, US Open). One of the Grand Slams is played on grass (Wimbledon), and one Grand Slam is played on clay (Roland Garros, The French Open). Different types of courts and conditions can have a big impact on the speed and direction of the ball, and thus the overall outcome. Not to mention that each individual usually specialises in at least one type of surface and can hold a big advantage over an opponent who is not used to playing on one type of court. These are good factors to consider before placing a bet on a match. offers a huge range of betting tips for tennis

Our main goal at is to offer you our expert betting tips for both mens and womens tennis, from everything from the highly anticipated Grand Slams to the smaller tournaments held throughout the year.