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Championship 2018/19

The Championship leaves players, managers and fans alike gasping for breath, such is the relentless nature of England’s second tier. Played over a marathon 46 game season the division is home to some giant names of the English game that have fallen from the Premier League and struggled with the sheer competitiveness in their quest to return. It’s a league not for the faint-hearted!

Championship Betting Tips

Bet closesTipsterEventBetOddsResult
10 Feb
Birmingham City vs. West Bromwich Albion
EFL Championship
Bet: West Bromwich Albion to Win
20 Jan
Burnley vs. West Bromwich Albion
EFL Championship
Bet: West Bromwich Albion Double Chance
21 Dec
Coventry City vs. West Bromwich Albion
EFL Championship
Bet: West Brom
19 Dec
Wigan Athletic vs. Sheffield United
EFL Championship
Bet: Sheffield United
18 Dec
Luton Town vs. Millwall
EFL Championship
Bet: Both Teams to Score

Championship Promotions & News

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Championship Odds

The Championship is a tough league to win, a tough league to get out of, and if you're at the bottom of the ladder, a difficult league to stay in.

Promotion from England's second tier is secured automatically from the first and second place positions.

The next top four finishers from third place to sixth place enter into a mini-tournament "playoff" at the end of the season with the winner earning promotion to the Premier League. 

The lowest finishing three teams are relegated to the third tier of English football.

Championship Winner Odds

There can only be one winner. That's just the way it is.

Marco Bielsa's Leeds are tipped as favourites to win the Championship for the second year in a row having failed to earn promotion through the playoffs last season.

The value is high for Championship winner odds, but it looks like this year could be Leeds year.

Championship Winner Odds

Championship Promotion Odds

With the top two spots gifting automatic promotion and the remaining four spots funnelling into the playoffs, there are three promotion spots up for grabs. 

It often turns into a dogfight with as many as ten teams some seasons in contention for a promotion spot.

Still, odds for promotion tend to be of a little less value, but if you like to lay it on the safe side there's always value in sticking a Championship promotion bet on those likely to finish at the top of the table.

Championship Promotion Odds

Championship Relegation Odds

A few teams cut it close last year, but with three teams earning promotion from League One relegation is always a tricky one to call. 

Championship Relegation Odds

*Odds retrieved 12 July 2019

Championship Betting Tips

Though The Championship is not a premier division by name, the league still manages to capture the attention of football fans across Europe through the never-say-die spirit and sheer unpredictability displayed by the 24 teams involved.

It’s this indifference which brings about such interest and intrigue with the Championship officially the third most watched league in European football, behind only The Bundesliga and of course, The Premier League in total attendances.

Not that we needed convincing. For us at BetBlazers the Championship is a league like no other, with guaranteed drama from the very first kick in August to the final whistle in the prestigious play-final come May.

But with a mammoth 552 games played out over a marathon long campaign, you may be forgiven for not keeping up with all the goings-on.

That’s why you can rely on us at BetBlazers to have every angle covered when it comes to the best Championship betting tips and predictions.

Our devoted team of Championship experts are on hand to keep you informed across everything Championship related to ensure your betting game is as every bit competitive as the teams involved.

Championship Betting

Championship Betting: Betting on the Match

From the start of August, until the end of May, through Halloween, Christmas, the New Year and Easter, the Championship doesn’t pause for breath. And it can’t afford to with 24 teams playing each other twice, home and away. Plenty of opportunity then to wager a few bets!

Here’s an insight into some of the typical ways to bet on Championship matches.

Full Time Result

Despite some of the erratic results that come about as a result of the dog-eat-dog nature of the Championship, the most traditional way to bet on Championship matches remains calling the correct full-time result.

As with any football match, you have three potential options to choose from – a home win, a draw or an away win, giving you a 33.3% chance of success.

Full-time result = 1X2

Full-time result betting can also be displayed: 1X2

1 = home team win

X = draw

2 = away team win

Given it’s standing as the most popular form of betting, finding the odds for the full-time result isn’t difficult and is more often than not, displayed first on any sports betting website under ”Match odds” or “Today’s matches”.

When it comes to betting on the full-time result there are numerous options available to best prepare you for betting on the championship and to aid you in your decision making.

For instance, check out form tables; these can be useful for highlighting a team bang in form and those having a nightmare. Clearly, a winning or losing run can be ended at any point but this gives you some idea as to how teams are performing.

Read match previews. The sheer amount of blogs, previews sites, tipsters and podcasts available has hit new heights. Selecting a reliable source for the most up-to-date team news or tips may prove tough but apparently the best betting tips for the Championship are on BetBlazers anyway so why go anywhere else?

Full Time Result: Asian Handicap

As with any league in any country, there are strong teams aiming to win the division, weaker teams fighting relegation and those floating around in mid-table obscurity. In terms of the Championship, classifying some teams can be hard, especially at the start.

But once a team gains some momentum, as has been the case with Championship winners in recent years, Wolves, Newcastle and Burnley to name just a few examples, they can prove hard to stop.

It’s at this point when applying the Asian Handicap to your championship betting can add real value and help level the playing field. Here, the possibility of a draw is eliminated entirely to leave the possibility of a home win or an away win. Let’s take last season’s runaway leaders Wolves as the example to best explain how the Asian Handicap works.

Top of the Championship tree pretty much from Christmas onwards and eventual winners by nine points, betting on Wolves to win matches outright for most of last season would not have yielded much return from your stake. Expected to win, and sometimes at a canter, the odds given would’ve been low and required high stakes for a significant return.

However, applying a negative handicap to the favourite, in this case, Wolves, whilst giving the underdog a positive handicap would level things up, in a betting sense at least, and give better value than the original odds for a standard full-time result.

Asian Handicap betting considers a number of elements including player availability, home advantage and recent form to decide what level of handicap to apply to a favourite. You’ll see figures of -0.5, -1, -1.5 or -2 goals commonly used among the leading online bookmakers.   

It’s ok if you haven’t quite got your head around this one, our Asian Handicap betting guide serves up a more comprehensive explanation of all things Asian Handicap Betting.


Also popular when betting on the Championship is the concept of betting on the winners of each half. For example, if a team are generally slow starters or play better when behind, you may consider betting on them not to win the first half but to come out on top in the second. And vice versa of course. Adding another variable to your Championship betting will raise the odds and significantly increase your winnings should you call the correct combination.

Number of Goals in a Match

If you aren’t favouring a certain side when betting on the Championship, then calling the number of goals in a Championship game may be more your thing. When it comes to betting on the total goals in a game the following lines tend to be offered where you can bet either Under or Over the line offered: 

  • Over 0.5 goals
  • Over 1.5 goals
  • Under 1.5 goals
  • Under 0.5 goals

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and no, the Championship doesn’t award half goals. The .5 you may be wondering about simply removes any prospect of a grey area which could cause confusion.

‘Over 1.5 goals’ = 2 or more goals

‘Under 1.5 goals’ = 1 or less goals 

There are many other goal lines that you may consider when it comes to a Championship schedule packed out with games.

‘Both teams to score’ (BTTS), ‘A Goal in Both Halves’, ‘Both Score No Draw’ are all self-explanatory in terms of what’s needed to win, while a more frequent bet nowadays is combining the amount of goals with the final result, for example, ‘Full-time result & Over 2.5 Goals.

Number of Corners in a Match

An ever-growing market is predicting the number of corners in a game. You can bet on the amount to be taken in one half or over the course of the entire game, or, if you’re feeling brave, the total amount taken by each team.

As with predicting the correct amount of goals, an element of research is required here to ensure you’re along the right lines. Past corner counts and looking at the tactics of a team will certainly help. For example, one team may focus on winning set-pieces and corners in particular to come by goals, while another may not view corners as important.

Championship Outright Odds

By placing an outright bet, you’re simply planting a seed and watching it prosper, or wilt, as the case might be if your pre-season call fails to materialize. Betting across a longer period sees interest sustained over an entire season and not just over a single 90-minute game. In the case of Championship betting, you’d place your outright bet in August and expect to see the result in May. 

Betting on the Championship Winner

Naturally, you’ll find the best odds for betting on the Championship winner (first place) prior to the season getting underway. But, with the market left open and odds regularly updated in relation to the ongoing season, there’s always the opportunity to lay some money on who you may feel will be promoted as the Championship winner.

Playing the long game when betting on the Championship, is just as popular as standard match bets, with many seen to relish the prospect of testing their knowledge in a bet that could bring high rewards. All the best betting companies will list Championship outright betting odds alongside the odds for the competition’s upcoming fixtures, making it easy and accessible to bet anytime.

Teams to have just been demoted from the Premier League tend to be among the favourites to lift the Championship crown the following season. Both Burnley in 2015 and Newcastle in 2016 proved why, sealing an immediate return to the top tier after just a single season.

As we saw with Wolves last season though, this isn’t always the case, with a vast pool of teams always capable of mounting a promotion bid. Take Sunderland in 2006 for example; 11th on Christmas day, Champions by May.

Championship Promotion Betting

Such is the see-saw nature of the Championship at times, a team can enjoy a good first half of the campaign but underperform post-Christmas, while teams can appear from seemingly nowhere to put themselves in contention for an automatic spot. This tends to leave a long line of clubs in with a chance of sealing a place in the big time.

Given the host of clubs throughout the 46-game season that could potentially finish runners-up to take the one remaining automatic promotion spot, the odds are likely to be higher for this market.

Championship Playoffs Betting

There’s nothing quite like the Championship play-offs for excitement. Having a stab at calling the four teams to finish between 3rd and 6th in the standings can prove a difficult task and so odds can be very rewarding.

As highlighted already, nothing can be guaranteed in this league at either end as Crystal Palace ultimately proved in 2003/04 when they climbed from 19th at Christmas, to finish in 6th position and eventually prevail to win the play-off final, going to show there’s plenty of value in terms of Championship play-off betting.

Championship Relegation Betting

Predicting the outcome of the three teams to lose their Championship status can be a tricky one with sometimes up to half teams in the division in a fight against the drop. And with the Championship very much no holds barred in terms of name and history, it’s not uncommon for clubs to tumble out of the Premier League and straight down to League One in successive seasons, Sunderland the most recent case of this happening.