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Football betting tips free betting tips

Football Betting Tips: Free Betting Tips that work for you!

6 October 2020

Find out more about how our betting tips really work! If you're looking for reliable football predictions there's a lot of choice out there but you never know who to trust. Read our football betting tips guide and you'll soon found out why we're one of the most trusted and reliable soccer prediction sites in the world right now!

How our betting tips work for you

We love football, we love betting and we love to beat the bookies. That's why we're here to help you find the best football bets every week of the year!

Football betting sites 2

We love football it's plain and simple so make sure to follow our betting tips for great soccer prediction advice!

BetBlazers football betting tips are motivated by five key principles:

  • Delivered by the experts ✅
  • Grounded in experience ✅
  • Sourced from key stats ✅
  • Guaranteed highest odds ✅
  • Only from trusted betting sites ✅

...not to mention FREE!

Are your betting tips really written by the experts?

Yes! You'll soon see for yourself that our betting tips team really know what they're talking about. Concise, easy to follow, and motivated by true expertise!

How does your betting tips team choose their betting tips?

Our betting tips team choose their betting tips based on the biggest upcoming games as well as the games where they spot the best value! Each betting tip is rooted in statistical analysis, experience and latest team news and form.

How do you guarantee the highest odds for your football tips?

Our football tips always have the highest odds on offer because we systematically scour the best betting sites in the world to maximise our winnings. We aim to deliver the best value for ourselves and for you!

And you only work with trusted betting sites?

That's right. We only work with the best betting sites in the world. That means, a wide range of competitive odds from numerous sportsbooks around the globe.

Bet Tip Win: Easy to follow betting tips

We've designed our betting tips platform and our football tips so that they're easy to follow every step of the way.

Football betting tips

Our latest betting tips always appear at the top so you're kept easy and up to date

As you can see above, right from the very beginning you'll be able to follow all of our latest betting tips and they key info you need.

What our betting tips cover
  • Event: the match the betting tips are covering
  • Bet: the bet we're looking at backing for this game
  • Odds: the odds and the betting site offering those odds
  • Bet closes: what time the bet closes! n.b. we always work to UK or GMT time!
Football prediction

Click through to a betting tip and you'll be greeted with an easy to follow betting tip

Each and every single one of our football predictions has an easy to follow and easy to read betting slip attached to the top showing all the key information you need to follow.

Our soccer predictions always include the key information you need to follow quick and easy to get on the bandwagon with our bets!

Football Predictions from the Experts

At BetBlazers we pride ourselves on having an expert team of football betting tipsters who are years of experience and passion for the beautiful game.

Soccer predictions

You can follow your favourite football tipsters easily from our panel

How we motivate our football predictions

Our football tips are always rooted in the following:

  • Years of experience following football ✅
  • Consulting key statistics ✅
  • Team form ✅
  • Finding the value in the odds from trusted betting sites ✅

Football tips with transparency

The BetBlazers Traffic Light System

It's one of the key factors that separates us from the rest. We're accountable for all of our betting tips and we can prove it!

Win, loss or money back!

Where other betting tips sites drop their bets off the back of their pages, you can trace EVERY SINGLE BETTING TIP we're ever given and how it has done. Win, loss or money back!

Betting tips

Our three point traffic light system allows you to follow exactly how our betting tips are doing!

How our Betting tips Traffic light system works

As you can see from the betting tips list above, simple look to the right hand column and you'll be able to see how our betting tips have finished.

After every single match has finished our betting tips team will signal whether they have won, lost or got their money back on any betting tip and even leave a comment to clarify how it has gone.

  • Green = bet won
  • Red = bet lost
  • Yellow = money back/game postponed

Soccer Predictions FAQ

🥇 What is the best football prediction site?

There's a lot of competition out there but we truly feel we're one of the best, if not the best. That's because we're motivated by five key principles guaranteed to deliver the best football betting tips every week, every year.

  • Delivered by the experts ✅
  • Grounded in experience ✅
  • Sourced from key stats ✅
  • Guaranteed highest odds ✅
  • Only from trusted betting sites ✅

We've been doing this for years and we've found a winning formula. Our dedicated international betting community gives us a firm following and is always growing.

Come join us and see for yourself!

👇 Do you have the best football tips for today?

Yes! At BetBlazers we strive to deliver the best football tips every day of year. Come rain or shine, weekend or midweek, lower league or Champions League our betting tips team is always at hand to deliver the best football tips every day of every week.

🤔 How do your football predictions work?


Our betting tips team use a combination of key statistics, team news, team form and years of experience to motivate their betting tips.


Follow our three point traffic light system to see exactly how we do. Green for a win, red for a loss, and yellow if we got our money back. You get to see our current form and the current form of every one of our football betting tipsters.


We always ensure we pick the best value odds from the best and most trusted betting sites in the world.

🙏 Why do you provide free betting tips?

We love football, we love betting and we love to grow our international community of sports betting enthusiasts! BetBlazers aims to be the home for online betting advice. Whether it's finding the best betting sites or giving you the best betting tips.

🤑 Do you really offer free betting tips?

Yes we do! See for yourself! Click through and back our betting tips and you'll soon see there are no catches.

🗝️ Ok, I'm convinced! How do I back your betting tips and place a bet?

Easy! If you like the look of a betting tip you can click the link to find out more. If you already have a betting tip in front of you simply click the "Play Now" green button on the betting slip or green button at the base of the betting tip itself!

Let's talk about Football Betting Sites

We don't only offer you the latest betting tips but we're experts on where to find the best betting sites in the world today. 

Click below to find dedicated guides to betting sites in your country today!

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